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About Jim Small

South of Bristol, nestling into the Mendip Hills, famous for its caves and farmhouse cheese, Cheddar is also proud of their folk-singer and dance-musician Jim Small who, with his harmonica-playing was the musician for the local Morris, Country and Sword Dance Teams.

Jim was born September 24th 1913, in Hannah More's cottage, in which the first school was started by her in Cheddar in 1789.  Jim went to National School next door at the age of 3. He remembers seeing the first German prisoners of the First World War being marched back to Axbridge, the nearby market town, where they were interned in the old Workhouse.  He learned to play the harmonica from his father and his first contact with folk-dancing was through the headmistress, Mrs Wood.  Later W S Woodgate took over and and Jim played for the School Morris team until he left in 1928.

During the Second World War Jim worked on the railway and it was then he became active again playing for local concerts and camp-raising funds.  After the war he took part in broadcasts with Peter Kennedy at Bristol, and, before he finally retired, worked as a guide at Gough's Caves in Cheddar.

Permission Applied For

Permission has been applied for to host these tunes of the late Jim Small, rights being held by the late Peter Kennedy of Folktrax.  I plan to change them on a weekly basis.

Three Jolly Sheepskins - The Staffordshire Hornpipe (collected by Mrs. Leather)

Jim plays a Hornpipe - no other details available.

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Father's Old Waltz

Jim plays a waltz taught to him by his father and for which he has no name, hence the title.

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The Shepton Mallet Hornpipe

Jim plays a tune he was famous for and was told that it was named after the Somerset town.

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Bonnets so Blue

Jim plays Bonnets so Blue, a traditional Country Dance.

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Follow Your Lovers

Jim plays another traditional Country Dance, The Triumph or Follow Your Lovers.

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Haste to the Wedding

And another tradtional Country Dance, Jim plays Haste to the Wedding.

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